Play Therapy with the Whole Family – December 14, 2023 – Live/Virtual


This play therapy training is offered Live In-Person (6-Contact CE’s) and Virtual via Zoom (6- Live-Webinar CE’s).

Family play therapy techniques can facilitate exploration and opportunities for change in every member of the family system. Using an Ecosystemic approach, goals and progression for family play therapy sessions will be demonstrated through video examples with one family, while incorporating their values and respecting their diverse perspectives. This workshop will include considerations of identifying when it is beneficial to include very family member, structuring sessions with parents in play therapy, responding to family dynamics, and recognizing the level of arousal and trauma responses of family members. Emphasis will be given to ongoing assessment of the multi-systemic layers of both internal and external support or tension for the child and family. Video examples will include creative interventions to reveal attachment styles, the child’s development, unhealthy patterns, and coping behaviors. Participants will have the opportunity to apply experiential exercises by dividing into “families


Describe the history of family play therapy
Discuss attachment styles and trauma responses of caregivers and children in family play therapy

Describe goals from an Ecosystemic Family Systems play therapy approach

Analyze relationship patterns and progression of a Family Systems play therapy approach
Explain 4 considerations for family play therapy

Apply 2 techniques to use in family play therapy sessions

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