ALLMEE© A Therapeutic Doll


Each ALLMEE™ doll set is hand sewn with over a 120 individual cloth pieces by single moms in Dallas, TX.   Due to high demand for the ALLMEE™ Doll our initial order of 25 dolls sold out quicker than expected.  Our next consignment of ALLMEE™ dolls will shipped out at the beginning of December 2022.

So often children with complex trauma and dissociation cannot express their internal world of jumbled feelings, associated thoughts, and perhaps a sense of “the other Mes” that were developed to help manage their traumatic past. Allmee is a specially designed therapeutic doll to provide these children a tool to identify and express their inner world. This resourceful doll’s head opens up to reveal little Allmees with different feelings of happy, sad, angry, scared, etc., that helps traumatized children tell their traumatic story. This therapeutic doll also has a pocket in the “heart” area for the child to place one of the little Allmees in the pocket to signify the child’s current feeling. The name Allmee sends a special message to the child that all of these feelings, thoughts and a sense that “other me’s are all me” to be owned and explored to heal from their traumatic past.

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