Polyvagal in the Playroom



This play therapy training is offered Live In-Person and Virtual via Zoom Platform.

One of the most powerful and dynamic factors in play therapy is the relationship between therapist and child. Transference and countertransference can contribute to
growth or a resistance to change in play therapy. Following Polyvagal Theory, the therapist lends his or her feelings, focus, and environment to the child during play
therapy, which can facilitate the healing environment required for post-traumatic growth. The child and therapist bring themselves, past experiences with play, and their own reactions to trauma experiences into the play therapy space. The therapist must be in tune with factors that may constrain the client’s ability to fully express him or herself through play, which can lead to a stuck feeling and an inability to heal. If the child’s needs can be authentically and safely expressed, these same factors can be the mechanism that enriches the play therapy experience and lead towards further recovery and integration. Play therapy strategies will be selected for remaining present and emotionally regulated in order to create a safe, co-regulated environment rich for post-traumatic growth in play therapy.

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This play therapy training is offered On-Demand as a go-at-your-own pace course for 3 APT non-contact hours.

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