EMDR with Neurodivergence in Play Therapy v1.0


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This play therapy training is offered Live In-Person and Virtual via Zoom Platform.


Does EMDR and Play Therapy work for children and young people experiencing ADHD and Autism? The answer is yes. Those who are
neurodivergent can experience the full beauty of EMDR and Play Therapy. And no, EMDR and Play Therapy absolutely does not “cure” ADHD and Autism.

But then again, are ADHD and Autism the actual reasons people come into play therapy? Not in my experience. Typically, they come into play therapy due to the distress surrounding the diagnoses. EMDR and Play Therapy is an incredible tool to treat this distress!

EMDR and Play Therapy works excellently with individuals experiencing both ADHD and Autism spectrum disorders. As EMDR Play Therapists, we can provide specific resourcing and targeting that allow relief for individuals experiencing neurodivergence and dysregulation. Not only does this make their caregivers and teachers happy, but also, and more importantly, it enriches the lives of our clients.

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This play therapy training is offered On-Demand as a go-at-your-own pace course.

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